Atayek Hamad, experienced Bedouin guide
Enjoy an authentic travel experience, combining the spectacular beauty of the Wadi Rum with immersive, non-commercialised cultural encounters with local Bedouins


Experience the wild bedouin life in my desert camp in the Wadi Rum, sleep under the stars or in a traditional tent. Engage in local life through different tours, enrich yourself by the local cuisine and the warmth of family life.The Wadi Rum desert is a truly unique place where towering masses of rocks rise up from the red desert sand. My name is Atayek Hamad and I belong to the Al-Zababih Bedouin tribe who has lived in this awe-inspiring area for several centuries.

I operate a camp in the desert outside the village. Over the years growing up in this area and working for more than 15 years as a guide, I accumulated a lot of experience in sharing my ancient Bedouin culture with foreign guests. As a guest of me and my family from the Bedouin Family Camp you can experience the authentic wild bedouin life.

Join me in the Rum Valley’s daily life, drink tea and chit-chat with one another around our fireplace in the communal cave in the middle of the camp.

Although life is simple in the desert, I offer clean essentials and a simple but comfortable sleeping area. You can either choose to sleep in the big tent, one of the private tents or put a mattress in the sand or on the rocks to sleep under the star-filled sky. In my camp there are tents for singles, couples, larger ones for four- or five persons and even an big tent connected to the communal cave that can host up to 30 people.

There is also a kitchen and shared building with showers and toilets. The camp is uniquely located between two spectacular viewpoints. See both sunset and sunrise and experience how the colours of the mountain change during the dramatic play of light during this period.

I can arrange jeep-tours, camel- & horse riding, hiking and climbing trips or take you onto a traditional hunting trip. I am well experienced as a trekking guide and adapt my tours to your needs. You can choose to stay the night in the camp or sleep outside.

When you’re my guest you will be able to witness special local events, such as celebrations and weddings to get an even more thorough understanding of Bedouin Life.

I got to know the many beautiful places where you can contemplate the unique landscape of Wadi Rum, on top of the highest mountains, through unknown canyons or deep down in the sand where I can show you the smallest tracks made my animals.

I hope to see you soon and welcome you into the family. Let’s share the pleasure of being in such an amazing place.

Want to know more about others’ experiences of living in the desert? See the reviews page here. Feel free to contact me for bookings or if you have any questions.

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