Around Jebel Rum

This is a two day program involving very easy scrambling that takes you around the slope and then through the Jebel Rum area


Day One : We start off from Abu Aina, perhaps one kilometer from Rum Village, with an easy scramble up. Abu Aina, often shown to tourists – but not by us! – as “Lawrence’s Spring”, is the place where the water from the real spring high in a valley on Jebel Rum runs down to the desert. This is regularly used as a watering place for the camels who roam through the desert, and a concrete trough has been built for this.

If you are very good trekkers, or if you want to start off early, we could also begin our hike in Wadi Shelaala beside the “real” spring.

This takes us on a narrow contour walk along the cliff side, past rock pools and palm trees. From Abu Aina, the path turns to the interior of the massif, through a canyon leading to Wadi Rumman on the other side of the mountain. We shall be eating a picnic lunch in this canyon, before continuing along the west slope of Jebel Rum and finally down to the valley floor.

We shall sleep in Wadi Rumman in an open bivouac. Mattresses and blankets will be brought around by a jeep and we shall be eating a hot supper. Although it is very close to the main tourist path, hardly anyone visits this valley. The upper part of it has been closed off by the Nature Reserve for the breeding of the oryx.

Day Two :

Starting off from the overnight camp, we have another easy scramble up the scree to the mountain. We cross the beautiful valley of Wadi Anhesa and have lunch in the shade of Abu Doud. Again we pass through Jebel Rum by a different route and arrive in Wadi Leha on the eastern slope. From here a jeep will pick us up to return to the village.

About this itinerary
This itinerary mainly involves easy walking with only the occasional need for hands to help you along. There should be no problem for people who are nervous with heights. We have tried to arrange this walk so that you will be in the shade for a good part of the time. You will be walking for 4 or 5 hours a day, with an extra 2 hours if you start off in Shelaala.

This trip gives us splendid views over the Ghor al Ajram, towards Jebel Khazali and the south and east. You will also see the “intimate” side of Jebel Rum; how the rock pools and the hidden valleys break up what seems like a solid massif from below.

Price : 150JD/person for this trip for a minimum of 2 people, including all meals, guide services, jeep transfers where necessary and equipment for sleeping in the desert.


Luggage can be left in the village from where it will be brought by the jeep and you will find it in the camp in the evening. Alternatively you can sort out what you will need into a smaller bag, and leave your main luggage in my office where it will be perfectly safe.

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