Climbing Jebel Rum

Jebel Rum is 1754m above sea level,while Rum Village 1000m above sea level.
On this trip we will climb to the summit of Jebel Rum, supposed to be the highest mountain in the whole of Jordan.

First a quick warning: this trip entails more serious climbing than Jebel Burdah! You will definitely be climbing more than scrambling here.

There are many routes up Jebel Rum ranking from the high grade technical roads to serious scrambling. The price of each road is fixed according to the difficulty and the length of the road.

The easiest (which is still pretty difficult!) and shortest is the Thamudic road, which nevertheless will take most of the people 8 hours to get up and down. Usually, we abseil down from Hammad’s road into Wadi Shelaala, but this involves an abseil of something like 45 meters which some people maym find off-putting. In this case, we return by the same way we have climbed up. You will be asked at the beginning which alternative you prefere.

We start in the village and take a jeep for half an hour to the west side of Jebel Rum where we will start climbing the mountain by the tradition bedouin road. This road is rated grade 3 on the french scale. We will take some special equipment for our safety. It is likely to take us about 3 or 4 hours to get to summit.

Price for Thamudic road: 200JD for 1-3 people. 230JD for 4-6 people. More than 6 people will need two guides and will cost more. These prices do not include food or overnight accomodations.

If you like, you can take two days to climb Jebel Rum. Bring your sleeping bags with you and a little bag with all what you need for your night up the mountain. The guide will of course carry the ropes, but the food will be shared by everybody. We will hike to the top where we will enjoy the amazing view and the sunset, will have dinner and spend the night there. After sunrise, we take a breakfast alltogether and start to go down, arriving to the east side of Jebel Rum, just near the Rum village. This will include some abseils.

Price for 1-3 people: 250JD for the two days. Price for 4-6 people: 280JD for the two days. More than 6 people will need two guides also and cost more. These prices include the guide service, and the meals. This has to be shared between the group.

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