Classic Jeep Tour

Visiting Wadi Rum with a 4 wheel drive By jeep to the Barragh Canyon.

We start in the village and drive first to Lawrence’s Spring and then to the sand dunes in Wadi Um Ishrin where you can also see some Nabatean inscriptions. We continue, visiting “Lawrence’s House” from where there are some great views, and then to the Barragh Canyon, where we offer an optional hike through the Canyon. Here we have lunch. In the afternoon we drive to where we have a view up the mountain of the bridge on Jebel Burdah, and then to Um Fruth Bridge (you can climb this arch if you like, it is about 20 meters high) and Khazali Canyon.

From there to the “sunset place” to watch the sunset and to appreciate the beauty of the changing colours of the landscape. Here we have supper, enjoy the evening and the stars and stay to sleep.

Price : 60JD per person for 2 people, 55JD/person for 3 people and 50JD/person for 4 people or more. This price includes everything, the jeep, the guide, all meals and mattresses and blankets for sleeping.

Some people ask if it is possible to do this trip in two half days, that is arriving in the afternoon and doing much of the tour the next morning. We should like to do as you ask, but please understand that this effectively blocks a guide and a car for two days instead of one. If you really need this schedule we will do it for you, but adding 15JD/person to the prices above. This surcharge will be doubled during the high season.

Starting time : we usually like to move out for this program at about 9.30am.

A number of people are in Wadi Rum before this, either because they have slept here, or because they have come with an early bus. In the latter case we meet these people and bring them to Rum Village where they can have breakfast or just drink tea at the Resthouse or look in at the local shops.

Those who wish can take a self guided hike to Wadi Shelaala. This is just above the Resthouse. It is a beautiful place, shaded from the sun during the day and with a panoramic view over the village.

Here you can see the dripping well, exactly as it is described in the “Seven Pillars of Wisdom”; the water flows out from it and the air smells sweetly from a plant growing there.

The path is very easy. Most people take 30/40 minutes to go up and come down again, but many of you linger here a short while before returning to the Resthouse where we shall pick everybody up at 9.30am to start the tour.

Extra excursions:
If you are looking for more than just one day in Wadi Rum here are a number of possibilities that can be “added on” to any of the other trips. See the excursions page for more programs.

The prices indicated take into account that you are already a client and thus would cost less than prices that would be charged for the excursion taken alone.

An extra day in 4×4
Going far to the south into the unfrequented valleys around the beautiful and lonely Wadi Saabit. You would be unlikely to see anybody or anything other than a few scattered Bedouin and their tents.

Price : 70JD per person for 2 people, 60JD/person for 3 people and 50JD/person for 4 people or more. This price includes everything, the jeep, the guide, all meals and mattresses and blankets for sleeping.

“The desert road” to Aqaba
It is also possible to cross the desert to Aqaba in a jeep by the road often (erroneously) called “Lawrence’s road to Aqaba.

Price : 35JD/person for 2 people, 30JD/person for 3-4 people or 25JD/person for more than 4 people.

A short camel ride
After a night in the desert, if you wish we can bring you back to Rum Village by camel! It would take about two hours and will cost 30JD/person as always with a mounted guide.

We could also arrange this at the end of any tour or if you are short of time the next day, you could start off on the camel and we would pick you up in the jeep near to the sand dunes.

Extra night in the desert

An extra night in the desert can always be arranged either at the beginning or at the end of your visit. The price would be 25JD/person, including supper, breakfast and a return to the Resthouse at Rum Village.

We can also offer special prices for people wanting to stay longer than three days in the desert.

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