From Rakebat to Burdah Arch

Two days/one night walking, scrambling and jeep riding – From Rakebat to Burdah Arch.

We start through the Rakebat Canyon and shall be picked up by jeep to transfer towards the Barragh Canyon where we shall do some more walking. We shall spend the night either near to Barragh or towards Jebel Burdah.

The next morning we start by climbing to the Burdah Arch before continuing the hike in the afternoon through a very attractive narrow valley towards another rock bridge. You can climb this one as well if you wish, but it is much easier than Burdah.

Incidentally in 2006, this trip was selected by Royal Jordanian Airways as one of the five best adventure trips in Jordan – it even came in number two!

Price for 2-4 people: 110JD/person. This includes all meals and sleeping equipment and the guide for hiking and climbing to Burdah.

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