From Um Adaami to Aqaba

We are offering this program in a one and a half day trip, starting off from Wadi Rum in the afternoon, sleeping in the desert, probably close to Jordan’s highest mountain, climbing the mountain early in the morning and continuing in the afternoon to Aqaba, where you should arrive in the early evening.

Jebel Um Adaami isn’t a difficult climb, it is an uphill walk on a rocky path. Most people take between 3 and 4 hours to climb and come down again. The views from the top are magnificent.

In fact we shall probably take you as far as the coast road between Aqaba and the Saudi border, where a taxi will meet you to take you to any central point of Aqaba that you might indicate.

This is a great trip, going through the distant valleys of the Wadi Rum area and then following the long valley of Wadi Saabit to the coast.

We hope to take the afternoon for this drive and show you some of the side valleys which show many particularies – this part of Wadi Rum is even more of a labyrinth than the parts closer to the village. But of course it depends a great deal on just how much time we take to come down from the mountain….

This trip can be easily added on to a one day program such as “1 day jeep tour”. In that case the price will be lowered by 10JD/person since the overnight sleeping is included in the first trip.

Please note that this program is not possible during the winter months of November-February. It needs a longer day than we have at this time.

Price : 90JD/person for 2 or 3 people; 75JD/person for 4-6 people. This price includes all meals and sleeping equipment, the guide for climbing the mountain and the taxi to Aqaba.

Most unfortunately we cannot offer this trip the other way round – that is Aqaba to Um Adaami. This is not allowed under the rules of the Nature Reserve.

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