Enjoy the warmth of family life and the authentic Bedouin experience when you spend your time in the Wadi Rum with Bedouin Family Camp. As a tight-knit and welcoming community we will go the extra mile to ensure that you feel like a traveller, not a tourist, gaining a first-hand understanding of our history, culture and small details of our everyday life.

As our guest you will get a chance to witness how traditional Bedouin food is made over an open fire, meet my children, parents, cousins and extended family, or even attend a wedding or two depending on whether there happens to be a festive occasion. This is in addition to other excursions or climbing trips that we also offer.

Bedouin Bread-Making


Heating dough over an open fire

IMG_8429 IMG_8465

The finished product!

Witness how cheese, yoghurt and butter is made from our very own herd of goats


This is done using a traditional handmade sack, propped up on wooden stilts


The finished product: goat’s cheese and butter! Have a taste of it at my mother’s bedouin tent!

Drinking tea around an open fire


Meet my family and experience the true essence of beoduin life


My father, who prefers spending a quiet time with the goats


Collecting weeds to feed the goats

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