Prices for excursions are all-inclusive of guides, meals, transport, equipment and accommodation unless otherwise stated. Additional overnight stays in the desert or camel rides can also be combined with existing tour itineraries.

Feel free to combine existing itineraries with other trips – we will be able to give you a discount on multiple trips.

Looking for a more immersive experience ? We also offer climbing homestays that allow you to get a taste of life in the Wadi Rum alongside exciting climbing excursions.
For Atayek from Benoit2
Click on the names of the tours to find out more

Jebel Um Adaami [1 day]
180JD for 1-6 people.
If including an overnight stay in the desert, this costs 70JD/person for 2-4 people

Classic Jeep tour [1 day]
Price :
60JD/person for 2 people
55JD/person for 3 people
50JD/person for 4 people or more

Rakebat and Kharazeh Canyons [1 day]
100JD/group for 1-4 people

From Um Adaami to Aqaba [1.5 days]
90JD/person for 2 or 3 people
75JD/person for 4-6 people

Around Jebel Rum [2 days]
150JD/person for a minimum of 2 people

Camel trips [1, 2 or 3 days]

1 full day till sunset
50JD/person for 2-4 people.
20JD/person for an extra night in the desert.

2 days 1 night
120JD/person for 2-4 people.

3 days 2 nights
175JD/person for 2-4 people.

A short camel ride : After a night in the desert, if you wish we can bring you back to Rum Village by camel! It would take about two hours and will cost 30JD/person for a minimum of two people. This can also be arranged at the end of any other tour.

Climbing Jebel Rum [ 1 or 2 days]
Thamudic road [8 hours, shortest route]
200JD for 1-3 people. 230JD for 4-6 people.
Note- food and overnight accommodation not included

Two day programme
250JD for 1-3 people
280JD for 4-6 people
Additional charges will be included for more than 6 people as 2 guides are required.
Food and accommodation included

From Rakebat to Burdah Arch – Walking, scrambing, jeep riding [2 days]
110JD/person, 2-4 people

Jeep tour and camel riding [2 days]
115JD/person for 2 to 4 people

Easy scrambling [5 days]
70JD/person/day for at least 2 people
The days can be done separately if you wish, but a program of less than 5 days will be charged at 75JD/person/day.

The T. E. Lawrence trek [5 days]

Scrambling on the bedouin roads [7 days]

65JD/person/day for 1-3 people
50JD/person/day for 4-6 people

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