”Atayek is an absolutely amazing guide — he was really keen on making sure that we saw what Wadi Rum had to offer. It’s clear that he is in it because he cares about the place and showing it to those who visit. He also speaks excellent English and has a great sense of humor. Having him as a guide made the trip all that much better! He also arranged a really fantastic (multi-course!) dinner and clean accommodations out in the desert apart from really quickly and cheaply giving a really good deal on transportation for the next leg of my trip (out of Wadi Rum).”

DR, Raleigh, North Carolina –

”I spent a day in Wadi Rum and had a wonderful time. Atayek made my trip through the desert fun and exciting. He welcomed me into his camp which was clean and very well layed out. I got the opportunity to meet his father and mother where we shared evening tea and yoghurt- bedouin style. Thank you Atayek for taking me to the interesting places in Wadi Rum. I would like very much to come back and spend a few more day in your camp. It was a great experience.”

Ryan S, Dallas, Texas –

”This camp is just perfect if you want to feel as a visitor and not a tourist. Atayek is an awesome guide, very funny and welcoming; and he speaks a very good English. He will help you to make the most of your trip.
Atayek will take you the secret and silent places in the Wadi Rum, and spent a lot of time with you showing you the most beautiful places there is to see in the desert, especially the sunset.
We had a lovely stay at Atayek’s camp, which is suitable if you are travelling either in group or on your own. The food is delicious and the beds comfortable.
You will only stay with a few people (it is not a big camp), which is better if you want to avoid the other tourists 🙂 Also, Atayek is very convenient and you can organise your trip with him absolutely the way you want (trek, camel, jeep, climbing…).
I strongly recommend this camp, and would not miss a chance to go back there.”

Irene B., Paris, France –

”My friend and I stayed at the Sunrise camp for 4 days and truly had an amazing experience. This camp is run by a very humble and honest family. Great traditional Bedouin food too! Atayek is the one who runs things and will be the one taking you on the tours. He is such a sweetheart!! Seriously, one the most welcoming and generous people I’ve ever met. He really made our experience one-of-a-kind, a trip in the beautiful Wadi Rum that we will never forget. Thank you so much Atayek!! We will be back, inshaAllah!”

Maya S., San Francisco, California –

”Thanks to Atayek, my stay in the bedouin village was a very good experience. At first I was a little nervous about coming here, but it turned out to be very safe and comfortable. The desert is quiet, peaceful and beautiful, Atayek’s family (as well as neighbors and other inhabitants of the village) is nice and welcoming. But Atayek himself is what makes you feel almost at home. He is always ready to help and share and tell something interesting about the bedouin life and also give a good advice. I am very grateful to him for everything and highly recommend everybody to come and try this hasteless and leisurly life.

Maria, workaway volunteer –

2 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. My family and I had a most amazing time with Atayek in his Camp in Wadi Rum. I had stayed with Atayek before and liked it so much that I had no doubt to come again with my family. Since we had a car he came to pick us up from the visitor center and guided us to the parking next to Rum village inside the Wadi Rum reserve. From there he took us in his car to his little camp situated next to a beautiful mountain in the Rum desert. The camp consists of little huts and a beautiful common area overshadowed by the rock and half protected by a Bedouin tent. There you will always find a fire, some tea and nice company. We walked up a nearby hill to watch the sunset and witness the wide range of colors the mountains of Wadi Rum take on during this spectacle. We had an amazing dinner consisting of Chicken that had slowly been cooked in a pot buried in the sand, a traditional Bedouin dish called Zarb. Atayek also made sure that my vegetarian sister could enjoy a vegetarian alternative dinner. The next day Atayek took us on a tour through the desert. We saw amazing landscapes, hiked through a small canyon, discovered how the Nabateans and the Bedouin have built water collecting systems in the desert and learned a lot from Atayek about the Bedouin life in general.
    Atayek is a very gentle and reliable person and an excellent guide, that will take into account your interests and capacities when planning a trip with or for you. He is extremely helpful and will do everything to ensure you enjoy your stay. I trust you will have a wonderful experience with him and his team!


  2. We spent a really good time in Wadi Rum with Atayek’s family. He made our stay very pleasantly despite the different preferences within our family. Atayek arranged an individual stay for us, so everybody was happy. We could feel the quiet and the naturalness of the desert without the feeling of being a tourist more like a guest.
    We also spent a beautiful day with his brother who also speaks very good english and is really likeable (and a brilliant hiking guide). If you are not sure how to arrange your stay at Wadi Rum, just contact Atayek and I’m sure, he will find an appropriate solution.
    The best of all is the family camp, where you make a really unique and extraordinary experience. This is not a standard program at all.


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